Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear Marcus & Abbygail,

I'm so sorry I threw out the first copy of this. Consider this the new and improved edition of:

My Spanish Diary - Week Number Whatever (I don't remember)
A Plaid Passion: The Summary

I have decided that I am going to write a book someday. The best part is, it will be based on a true story. Specifically, a true love story that is going on in my best friend's life. Here's the short and sweet version of the story:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Abbygail. She went on a mission trip to the far off land of Poland. While in Poland, she met an extremely attractive boy. When I say extremely attractive, I mean on a scale from one to 10, he was about a 26. His name was Marcus. He was from Scotland.

The first time they talked, he was sitting in the hall reading a book. They sat chatting in that hallway for at least an hour and a half. Abbygail immediately noticed Marcus's make-you-melt Scottish dialect, and Marcus was enchanted by Abbygail's adorable American accent. They discovered many things about each other as they talked, such as their relationship status, preferred music type, and their places of origin.

From that day on, they spent as much time together as possible. Abbygail taught Marcus how to play the card game Spit, and they played every night. Abbygail almost always beat Marcus, of course. As their time together continued, they grew more and more close. It was obvious to certain friends on the mission trip that feelings between Abbygail and Marcus were not just about friendship. In fact, one day on a trip to the market, Marcus admitted his feelings about Abbygail to Abbygail's friend Tanyata. Tanyata, of course, told Abbygail exactly what Marcus had said about her. Abbygail didn't know how to feel. She was in denial because she hadn't admitted her feelings about Marcus to anyone, not even herself.

One night towards the end of the trip, Marcus, seemingly joking, asked Abbygail to write him a ten page letter. Abbygail laughed it off; however, when the morning of their last day in Poland dawned, Marcus pushed a book adorned with the Scottish flag into Abbygail's hands. He told
Abbygail that she wasn't to read the book until after they had left. Abbygail was an impatient girl, though, so she rushed to her room and counted the pages of the book. Marcus had poured out 10 long pages of his thoughts to her. She skimmed to the end and read the last two pages where Marcus confessed his liking to her.

After the trip, Marcus and Abbygail were somehow able to keep their blossoming relationship alive. Abbygail purchased a webcam, and she was able to look into the beautiful face of her Scottish love day after day. Her friends admitted that while she was somehow more sad and quiet this year, whenever she talked about Marcus, she seemed happier.

On June 6, Marcus traveled from 3412.09 miles away to visit Abbygail. They spent about a day and a half together. When it came time for them to say goodbye, he turned to Abbygail's friends, one of whom is a soon to be famous authoress, and said in his wonderful Scottish lilt, "Look after Abbygail for me." He gave Abbygail one last haunted look, got in the vehicle, and drove down the dirt road, the dust billowing behind him like a scene from a movie.

That was all Abbygail's sentimental, psycho, emotional writer-friend could take. She burst into tears.

And so, the love story of Abbygail and Marcus lives on. It is forever dear to the very few people who hold the romance close to their hearts. Their relationship was, is, and will yet become, a plaid passion.


  1. out did yourself kels.


    and i like tanya's name...tanyata.

  2. thanks. :)
    that's what my dad calls her lol. along with crazy russian communist. to her face.

  3. awww... that is SUCH an awesome love story... i'm going to hope that God can write one just as good for me... :) <3