Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Most Embarrassing Sappy Moments

I'll admit that I am a total romantic sap. But not only am I a romantic sap, I'm just a sap in general. I cry at the most ridiculous times, such as:

-When Abby's man Mark drove down the driveway to start his long trek home to Scotland. I cried before she did. Who does that?

-While watching Pocahontas at age 17 and 3/4. That's way too old to be sobbing because of a Disney movie.

-While seeing my ambassadors do their Outstanding Cheer during the closing ceremonies of HOBY. They were acting obnoxious. You'd think I wouldn't mind getting rid of them.

-While watching A Wedding Story on TLC.

When all of the monumental occasions of my life occur, such as graduation, first day of college, a proposal, and my wedding day, I am probably going to fall apart.

It's so embarrassing.

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