Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Bigger Picture

So...I like my small town. Really, I do. It's not so bad. Sure, we could be more cultured and classy, but most people are very kind, and everyone looks out for you.

But the problem with small towns is that hardly anyone sees beyond their circumstance to the bigger picture. We're trapped in this little area, and there is no escaping - it presses down on our actions, our futures, and even our thoughts.

It's a little disturbing to me to hear how lightly my peers take the struggles that less fortunate people are dealing with. Today, our Key Club did Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Basically, we dressed up in costumes for school and walked around with these little cardboard boxes and collected change for UNICEF, which is an organization that provides money for young people in other countries to help assist them as they grow and develop and to give them more opportunities to improve their lives.

As I went around asking people for money today, I got three arguments why people couldn't or shouldn't give money. It was kind of shocking, actually.

1) I'm the poor one. I couldn't really believe that people actually said this. Yes, I realize that they probably joking a little bit, but still - I know for a fact that I am completely and utterly spoiled. I know that I don't give enough of myself. And I know that I always want more money so I can buy blah, blah, blah...but still. We are so blessed, and we have to at least try to do something for others.

2) A little bit of pocket change is not going to help, and it probably doesn't even go directly to the children. Once again - we have to at least try. Every little bit counts for something. To create big changes in this world, we have to start small, even one penny at a time. Wouldn't it be better to at least be able to say that we attempted to change someone's life, even if it didn't work? That has to be better than doing nothing.

3) (The most disturbing one) We shouldn't give money to starving children because they will just keep reproducing and have more starving children who we will have to then take care of. I just can't believe this. It's so sad. If we start now and help this generation of people have more opportunities, then it will be more possible for them to have the sufficient abilities to help improve the lives of their children and communities as they grow older. No, we can't save everyone. But we have to at least try.

Sorry about this. I just got really riled up about it today. It's something I feel pretty strongly about.

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  1. here, here... I did A LOT of volunteer work, etc, when I was in college-- we should talk sometime about the ridiculous excuses people come up with in an effort to: - not make monetary donations, - not give donations of time, - not support volunteer efforts, etc. UGH. They just make the work of the volunteers that much harder-- but always remember that what you do can make a difference so don't let them dissuade you from your service!