Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a lame-o...

Today is Make-A-Difference Day! Our Key Club went to work on landscaping for the Baldwin-Reynolds house like we did last year, but I felt kind of bad. I feel like Make-A-Difference Day should be about helping someone who is desperately in need. We worked in the cold all morning pulling weeds and raking leaves, and then, the man who was supervising us told us that the man across the street was in an accident, and he had lost his leg. He said that this man was really concerned about raking his leaves because he wasn't able to do it. We raked his leaves for him, and he came outside with his cane and was just so happy. It was a great day. I love our Key Club group. We all get along so well.
I'm having one of those days today when you just can't stop thinking about all of these things that happened in the past. It's a little sad. All you want to do is sit and remember. I hate these days.

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