Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Last High School Homecoming

Homecoming was a total blast. Ab and I got all dressed up in our black and white (plus bright red lipsticks - so old Hollywood!), and we had our friend/date Adam dress to match us in all black. At the dance, we hung out with our favorite little junior high girls - Ab, Lex, and Britters. They're adorable. We love them. We had so much fun dancing and burning off all of the chocolate cake calories from Abby's dad's delicious, most amazing chocolate cake ever that we had the night before. Turns out that if you don't care what people think, you'll have so much fun at a dance. You can laugh, sing, dance, and be merry. Who cares if people think you're weird? We had an amazing time. More pictures to come eventually.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! That chocolate cake sounds amazing! Can't wait to see if you post more pictures.

  2. YAY! Really, worrying about what other people think is over-rated. Hopefully, you'll continue to realize that even more as you continue further in life. :) Glad you had fun-- pics were great. You & Abby looked beautiful, as always!

  3. I hope so! And I never would have been able to have this much fun at a dance if I hadn't been in dance class last year. I never would have liked to dance in front of people. And thank you!!! We love our photoshoots haha. Isn't our scarecrow date super cute? Lol.