Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ok...please allow me to have a brief shallow moment to talk about the two only TV shows that I watch (besides Project Runway, but I usually just catch the day-long marathon when the season is over). Glee and Bones - I just love these shows! That's all I'm going to say. Send me a message if you would like to discuss all of the relationships in these shows. I'm all fired up, and I want everyone to be together! Ugh. TV is frustrating.

I will probably post something else tonight, but I just really needed to talk about this. I'm done now, though. No worries. :)


  1. I don't watch either of these shows... :) mostly for the reason that they are often on late at night, and I'm too tired/busy to be bothered. But go ahead and share your thoughts, if you want. :) I'm willing to listen...

  2. Hey Kels,
    I've awarded you the 'Honest Scrap' award... head over to the blog to check it out!
    God bless you beautiful!

  3. I don't want to spoil the show for you just in case you end up watching it someday, but I will say this: HE HELD HER HAND!!!!! This will mean nothing to you, but it makes me very happy lol. I can't believe I am this psycho about a TV show. Most of the time I'm only like this with books and movies...

  4. I LOVE GLEE! I don't watch Bones-- to many other shows I try to catch during the week.

  5. Hey Kels,
    I just wanted to mention, seeing as I was telling you all about this before, that I told his sisters that I like him. *it was embarrasing*. I wasn't planning to tell both of them, but hey, who cares? They were both cool about it, so that was good. :) no complaints about us getting married one day (seriously, that what she said!)
    lol, I love my friends.

  6. Awww! That's so great! I'm glad they're supporting you like that! That's really exciting.