Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Excitement

Today, two very important things happened.

Thing Number One: I watched my first horror movie ever. Even though technically my head was buried in my sweatshirt, and my ears were plugged, I still think it counts. I was scared, it was dark, and I never want to watch it again. That counts as a horror movie experience, don't you think?

Thing Number Two: I finally got a huge weight lifted off my chest by telling my best friend something that I've been keeping a secret basically since May. It feels good to let it go.

Tell me what your Sunday Excitement was!


  1. my sunday excitement was...
    going to band practice for youth group... cause it means I may have a change of leading worship! *squeal!*
    I'm curious as to why you bothered with the horror movie in the first place... I never plan on watching one...
    And that is awesome that you were able to be freed from that weight!
    God bless you gorgeous!

  2. Wow! That's so exciting! Keep me posted on that!
    And wasn't exactly by choice. I was with friends, and they picked it out. I gave them permission so I wouldn't ruin the party lol.
    Yes...I feel so much better now. :)

  3. hey...i DID get up half way to walk out and YOU DIDNT FOLLOW!!!! hahahahaha

    annnnnnnnnnnd...the huge lift...thanks for reminding me again about it...hahahahahahaha
    i love youuuu!

  4. hahaha that's because...i don't really know why. but aren't you proud of us for sticking it through? lol.

    and sorry lol. since we're not ever going to really TALK about it, you might be reminded every once in a while. not very often though, and not on purpose. i promise. hopefully. haha.