Saturday, September 26, 2009

Opera & Editors

Ab and I stayed after school yesterday to work on Yearbook, and we ended up getting a little distracted singing opera hahaha.

Go here to see me singing Little Mermaid opera style.

Go here to see Abby and I begin our opera duet career.

Tell us what you think. We'll make you a CD. :)

Haha but really...this is the only way we get through the year with all of our Yearbook stress. We dance to disco, we sing opera, and we de-stress each other.

I will try to convince her to post our Aladdin duet. Personally, I think it's one of our best.


  1. lol! I enjoyed the opera of Little Mermaid. THat was my favorite.;)

  2. Hahahaha thanks! I'm glad I have a fan. I'm thinking of doing a special showcase - Opera Disney. What do you think? Lol.

  3. hehehe... cool! I like the little mermaid one best too... Can't wait for the album!

  4. hahaha thanks. glad you like it lol.

  5. that is too much! I think you should use that as your talent selection!