Friday, September 18, 2009


These pictures are all from a photoshoot that one of my best friends Abby and I had this week. Our moms took the pictures (they're great photographers!), and these are some of our favorites. I'll post a link to the whole album eventually, and you can check out more of the pictures if you would like.
Well, this week was our first full week of school, and it was a little rough.

I definitely made a schedule for myself that is nearly impossible to follow. The best parts of my day are Writer's Workshop, French, and English class. Without those classes and those teachers, and I don't think I could handle school at all. Physics and Pre-Calc are just bringing me down. I have never doubted myself as much as I do in those classes. Ugh.

Yearbook is actually going really well! Yearbook Staff Applications were turned in today, and we got (surprise!) about 10 applications! We have choices! I'm really excited about the staff and about this year's book. It's going to be really amazing, and the whole process will become much more efficient.

I had my first dance classes of the year last night. I'm taking hip-hop, tap, and modern this year. I love dance. I have the best teacher, Miss Heather, and I have so many friends in my classes. It's just a great way to exercise, have fun, and best of all, relax a little from my horrible schedule.

The college/major search continues. I really have no new updates. I'm just trying to trust God to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life.

This weekend, I have absolutely no homework! I plan on listening to music, reading too much Shakespeare and Austen (I'm just in the mood), and basically giving my fried brain a relaxing "spa weekend."
I went to a school football game tonight, and I saw so many of my old friends that I haven't seen in months and months. It was so great to see everyone. It was like having the "old group" back, which was a little bittersweet. It's weird to think about how many memories you have with certain people and then in a matter of weeks, months, or years, that can all change. You have to rely on the memories to even connect anymore. I don't really like it.
One friend in particular I was so happy to see. He and I have been relatively close for about 4 or 5 years now. Unfortunately, when he went to college, that changed a little. I was always nervous to call him a best friend because I wasn't sure if that was what we really were or if he felt like that too, but now, I don't care. He was a definite best friend to me, and I'm really grateful that he can still be a part of life even if it's in a smaller way than it used to be.
So...that's my little update! Let me know what's going on in your life and if you have anything you'd like me to pray about!


  1. Sounds like you had a great first week of school....I am not very good at math either.

  2. Yeah...math is pretty rough. I hate it lol. I wish I could just write all day long instead. :)

  3. Hi Kelsey! Love the two are so pretty! :) Yes, it sounds like you had a great first week of school. Hope it continues that way!