Thursday, August 13, 2009

Relying on Men

So I'm laying on the gym floor at Kamp 4 Kids. We got flooded out of our tents, and we had to sleep inside. I'm reading my nightly devotional, which is actually part of my quest to read the Bible the entire way through. Side note: I'm about 3/4 of the way through it. Anyway, as I'm reading, I come across a verse that I immediately share with my friends, Amber, Abby, and Tanya, who are in their sleeping bags around me. The verse says:

"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes."
Psalm 118:8-9

Now, being the extremely single and only slightly bitter girl that I am, I point out, jokingly, that if you twist this verse around, it's basically saying that we shouldn't trust guys. We shouldn't trust the whole "Prince Charming" persona.

I actually don't believe that, just so you know. I was just having one of those "girls against boys when they make us mad" moments that seem to happen way too often in high school.

But then last night, I came across another verse. It said:

"Do not put your trust in princes,
in mortal men, who cannot save."
Psalm 146:3

It sounds a lot like the other verse. But this time, it meant something more to me than a joking excuse to stay away from guys. To me, this verse was saying that Jesus is my Prince Charming. It was saying that I don't have to sit around and wait to meet a guy, to be rescued and carried off into the sunset by a dashing man on a white horse. Prince Charming doesn't have to be a distance dream. It's real! He's real!

Jesus is my Prince Charming! He rescued me; He delighted in me. I am cherished by Him, and He adores me.

How's that for a love story?


  1. AHahAHahAHahAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this kelsey! and, i totally took it that way when you read it to us...guess us girls are a bit 'biter' agaisnt guys...haha
    not our faults! i like to think im wired that way and its a good thing! we need to be skeptical about EVERY guy! even if he doesnt seem mortal hes so perfect for us!
    we dont need guys. THEY need us! haha
    so says in Genisis! well...kinda. haha
    adam needed a helper..a GOOD LOOKIN helper (EVE!)anyway, we shouldnt rely on boys or our 'prince charming' always...we need to rely on the one thing that wont ever let us down or leave us hanging...our REAL prince charming that actually loves (REAL LOVE!!!) us! and saved us...i like to think of him riding on a white horse and scooping us up...not in a romantic way...but in a triumphic way away from these nasty nasty boys.

  2. hahaha i totally never thought of it that way...Jesus saving us FROM boys. i think i like it. especially when they make me mad lol.

  3. what makes this really funny for me is that the guys around me/in my life can't even look after themselves properly, let alone me, if I decided to 'lean on them'... hahaha... another reason to trust Jesus more!

  4. oh my gosh...i totally know what you mean! and also, i will admit that i don't think i'm ready to have someone else lean on me like people in dating relationships should do. i'm not ready to have someone count on me so much!