Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

This is supposed to be 30 things about me. Rachel (Just a Girl For God) tagged anyone with something on their feet, and considering it is freezing in my bedroom, that would definitely be me. I have fuzzy red socks on! we go!

1. I always pick up heads-up pennies.
2. I collect bouncy balls and decks of cards.
3. I color to feel better about life and to de-stress myself. That's why my mom bought me four new coloring books for my 18th birthday. Apparently, senior year can be a little stressful.
4. I'm obsessed with fairy tales.
5. I feel most at home when I am singing something, be it on a stage, in a choir, in the shower, or in a car. I just love making music.
6. I wish I was a Disney Princess. One of my ultimate goals for my college years is to work in Disney World, and if I am really lucky/talented, work as Belle in Disney World,
7. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, but really, I love them all.
8. Reading is basically my passion. If I could be a professional reader for a career, I would definitely do it. I have my own mini-library.
9. I love Starbucks. I hate their prices.
10. Cherry Chocolate Kisses and Caramel Kisses are my favorite treats.
11. I have had a crush on Josh Groban for about six years.
12. I love staying up late, but I am also a morning person. This sometimes annoys my friends.
13. I feel very secure and in control when I have a camera in my hands. Photography comes pretty naturally to me.
14. A lot of people say I have OCD. That's probably true.
15. I am a writer. I preserve memories.
16. I love hugging people.
17. Little kids can make me smile even when I am having an absolutely horrible day.
18. I am pretty good with computers, but apparently, I am a really horrible teacher when it comes to computer-related things. Bonus Fact: I have patience issues.
19. I worry about pretty much everything in life. I've been trying to stop that. It's a work in progress, but I'm doing a lot better.
20. My friends and family make my life completely wonderful. I adore them.
21. I am one of the Yearbook Editors at my school. My best friend Abby is one of the other ones. We have the best time doing the book even though it totally stresses us out.
22. I hate change.
23. I am kind of a picky person. I hate fire and germs and feet and and hardcover books and spiders and cliffhangers and lots of things.
24. Most of the time, I actually enjoy following the rules. And I never lie to my parents. It seems I'm just not capable of it even if I wanted to.
25. I dance, and I love it! And my dance teacher is the coolest.
26. Someday, I would love to plan weddings.
27. I am very fond of Build-A-Bear Workshop. You're never too old for stuffed animals!
28. I love movies. I just love, love, love them. Movies are amazing, wonderful, incredible creations. Most of the time, though, I do not like when books are made into movies. There are only a few exceptions.
29. My favorite authors are Sarah Dessen and Jane Austen. They are both marvelous.
30. Jesus Christ is my Prince Charming. To him, I am loved and cherished and beautiful and unique. He has given me the ultimate love story. It's so much more than I deserve.

Now, I tag anyone who loves chocolate. Sorry, I'm a little hungry.

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  1. :) You are so awesome, Kelsey.
    Belle is my favourite too... And I love reading, and dancing, and I can kinda relate to that night owl/morning person thing... I'm actually okay with change, most of the time, and I agree that family and friends are the best. Weddings are awesome, but I only really want to plan one (my own). Jane Austen IS marvelous. And point 30 is most definitely the best one!
    Bless you beautiful!