Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yay! I finally went to the amusement park that has been 45 minutes away from me for about half of my life!

Never mind that I drank too much lemonade, it was suuuuper hot, I almost got ill, and I had a headache for FIVE was so much fun!

I have the greatest friends in the whole wide world. <3


  1. I love Waldameer. It is so much fun. I haven't been to the waterpark in years. I told Jason I thought we should go this year, but alas, we have not as of yet and the chances of going are growing slimmer and slimmer :(

  2. It's so sad! I can't believe it's almost school again! And was really fun. We didn't go in the waterpark, though. We just went on the log ride when we got really warm haha.